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CMA Submission Guidelines


DESCRIPTION OF CMA - Communications in Mathematical Analysis (CMA) is a mathematical journal devoted to the publication of high level research articles in all areas and sub-areas of mathematical analysis and their applications. In particular, it encourages interdisciplinary papers that cut across sub-disciplines within mathematical analysis and to neighboring fields; for example by applying one area of analysis to a different one; or to a problem in related sciences; and by exploring entirely new directions of research. All manuscripts are refereed and judged by high standards. Submitted papers must be correct, original, nontrivial, and well written. Badly written papers will be automatically dismissed at the discretion of the editor.

SUBMISSION - The initial submission of a manuscript (in PDF only) for publication must be made electronically and directly to the journal to . Submissions to individual editors will result in the automatic rejection of the submission.

MANUSCRIPT - Each manuscript should include the title of the paper; author name; a short abstract not exceeding 200 words; the AMS subject classification; keywords; and author’s mailing and email addresses. The submission of a manuscript will be understood to mean that the paper is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Incoming papers are acknowledged immediately. It is mandatory that accepted papers be adapted to the template of Commun. Math. Anal., which can be obtained upon request.

COVERED TOPICS - Areas which will be covered include, but are not limited to: Real & Complex Analysis; Harmonic analysis; Geometric Analysis; Computational Mathematics; Numerical Analysis; Partial and Differential Equations; Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis; Operator Theory; and Applications. These wide areas include for example: Global Analysis; Stochastic Analysis; p-adic Analysis; Summability Theory; Dynamic Equations on Time Scales; Fluid Mechanics; Convex & Non-Smooth Analysis; Control Theory & Optimization; Fractional Differential Equations & Dynamics; Complex Dynamics; Theory of Chaos; Fractals; Inequalities; Fourier Analysis; Wavelets & Approximation Theory; Decidability of Dimension-Groups; Spectral-Tile Duality; Scaling Algorithms; Special Functions; Approximation Theory; Fixed Point Theory; Coding; Game Theory; Kolmogorov Complexity; Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Biology, and diverse applications.

AUTHOR-COPY - The authors of accepted papers will automatically receive a PDF copy of their published paper, free of charge. Additional electronic copies of published papers can be purchased (see All volumes).

COPYRIGHT - By submitting their manuscript to Communications in Mathematical Analysis, the authors automatically grant the copyright of their work to this journal, once it has been accepted.