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Interior Controllability of the nD Semilinear Heat Equation

Volume 12, Number 2 (2011), 1 - 12

Interior Controllability of the nD Semilinear Heat Equation

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In this paper we prove the interior approximate controllability of the following Semilinear Heat Equation
z_{t}(t,x) = \Delta z(t,x) + 1_{\omega}u(t,x)+f(t,z,u(t,x)) & \mbox{in} \quad (0, \tau] \times \Omega,\\
z = 0, & \quad \mbox{on} \quad (0, \tau) \times \partial \Omega, \\
z(0,x) = z_{0}(x), & x \in\Omega,
where $\Omega$ is a bounded domain in ${\mathbb R}^{N}\,(N\geq1)$, $z_0 \in L^{2}(\Omega)$, $\omega$ is an open nonempty subset of $\Omega$, $1_{\omega}$ denotes the characteristic function of the set $\omega$,the distributed control $u$ belong to $\in L^{2}([0,\tau]; L^{2}(\Omega;))$ and the nonlinear function $f:[0, \tau] \times {\mathbb R} \times {\mathbb R} \rightarrow {\mathbb R} $ is smooth enough and there are $a,b, c \in {\mathbb R} $, with $c \neq -1$, such that
\sup_{(t,z,u) \in Q_{\tau}} |f(t,z,u) -az-cu-b | < \infty,
$$where $Q_{\tau}= [0, \tau] \times {\mathbb R} \times {\mathbb R}$. Under this condition we prove the following statement: For all open nonempty subset $\omega$ of $\Omega$ the system is approximately controllable on $[0, \tau]$. Moreover, we could exhibit a sequence of controls steering the nonlinear system from an initial state $z_0$ to an $\epsilon$ neighborhood of the final state $z_1$ at time $\tau >0$, which is very important from a practical and numerical point of view.